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Written by Janice R. Worthington-Loranca, CPRW, JCTC

Sam Stonebrook
2209 Valcourt Drive
Plano, Texas 75023
December 24, 1999

Mr. Jeremy Worthington
Massive Auto Parts
4436 Pennsylvania Place
Plano, Texas 75023

Dear Mr. Worthington:

The attached resume is presented for your consideration regarding the appropriate position you may have or make available. I am submitting this profile in an effort to secure a primary professional position providing expertise in Business Development or Management to a progressive corporate concern.

My relocation to Texas offers a distinctive combination of career development that predicts positive contributions for the firm with which I affiliate. As a seasoned professional, my background is highlighted by 25 years of visible and measurable achievements with J.C. Penney stores focused in store management ($30 million) and multi-store merchandise planning ($102 million). My functional areas of expertise have been broad-based and focus on:

  • Profit Center Strategic Planning & Forecasting
  • Staff Recruitment, Development & Supervision
  • Customer Trends & Preferences Research
  • Buying & Merchandising Strategies & Programs
  • Customer Service Enhancement Programs
  • Assortment Planning/Inventory Management
  • Mark-Down Strategies, Promotional Programs
  • Selling Floor Presentation Strategies

This experience has provided the opportunity to make significant and profitable contributions in each assignment I have completed. Consistently, I have brought about new ideas, ways of thinking and problem-solving techniques that have produced successful results. I am versatile, possess visionary leadership strategies, and I have gained the respect of those with whom I have come in contact. I offer a high degree of integrity, and I believe that my strong sense of career commitment would be an asset in any product or service setting.

Because the enclosed resume simply summarizes my career history and capabilities, there is considerably more to relate. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you personally, to more specifically discuss what I might do for your organization.

Very truly yours,

Sam Stonebrook

Janice R. Worthington-Loranca, CPRW, JCTC, is President of Fortune 500 Communications, and one of the oldest resume preparation firms in the U.S. With 14 years of corporate recruiting experience beginning in the late 1960's, Fortune 500 Communications has served clients worldwide. Ms. Worthington holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Journalism and has assisted over 30,000 clients in all aspects of search, presentation and delivery. She can be reached via her web site at or toll free 1-877-9RESUME.

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