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Occupations with the greatest retiree replacement needs, projected 1998-2008

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2008, 40 percent of the workforce will be aged 45 and older (baby boomers). Occupations with the greatest proportion of people 45 years old or older are expected to have the greatest need to replace workers who retire from now through 2008. The top ten occupations expected to be most affected by retirees are listed below with projected retirement replacement needs. The bureau notes that education occupations are particularly likely to have large numbers of retirements because workers in public education are covered by pensions that allow retirement at age 55 if a required number of years of service has been reached.

Occupation  Retiree replacement needs, projected 1998-2008 (thousands)
Secretaries  519
Truck Drivers, heavy 425
Teachers, elementary school 418
Janitors and cleaners 408
Teachers, secondary school 378
Registered nurses 331
Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks 330
Teachers, college and university 195
Administrators, education and related fields 178
Farmers, except horticulture 175

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