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Work-At-Home Survey Results
Statistics about the number of people working at home and how much money they make there tend to vary widely. The US Department of Labor (DOL) released figures in March 1998 that said there were 23.3 million people working at home in 1997. That report said that of that number, only 4.1 million were self-employed and only 3.6 million telecommuters were being paid for the hours they worked at home.

Home Office Outlaws
Thinking about working from home? Before you do, check the zoning laws to find out whether home businesses are allowed in your community.

Are You a Slave To Your Home Office?
When the office is only footsteps away, it's tempting to slip in to get "one little thing" out of the way before breakfast, and to return after dinner to complete a job. The result? You never seem to get OUT of the office. And that is bad for you and your family.

The Home Business Balancing Act
You're all set to start your home business. You've been anxiously awaiting this day to arrive where you no longer have to work for someone else. You've gotten a small business loan, and your office--bigger than any one any corporation ever assigned you--is all set up.




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