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The Seven Types of Workplace Bullies

As you've already learned, bully bosses are as likely to be male as female. All bullies have certain personality traits in common, however. For example, bullies are impersonal--if you go away, they will use exactly the same tactics on their next victim. They communicate only indirectly through the languages of rules and hierarchy. They often display status symbols, and consider targets their trophies. They issue citations rather than employ give-and-take. And they are not particularly interested in business solutions.

Learn what to look for in these seven types:

1. Subtle bullies--These bullies torment their targets with quiet but piercing techniques.

2. Abusive bullies--These bosses hound a target employee without mercy.

3. Crude bullies--These people throw their weight around loudly and physically.

4. Raging bullies--These people intimidate everyone in the vicinity with their out-of-control anger.

5. Echo bullies--Not normally abusive, these bullies mimic bullying behavior with their own subordinates.

6. Ghost bullies--These bullies guide, mentor, and supervise lower level bosses in bullying techniques and tactics.

7. Satellite bullies--These are people of stature who undermine the target by contributing to someone else's bullying.

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